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Trevor's party

Image - TREVORSPARTY_himself 'Nark Drool and the Shudders' had played many times on Eel Pie Island and felt quite privileged to be following in the steps of the Rolling Stones, the Yardbirds, Rod Stewart and the other R&B greats of the 1960s. But after a few years of dragging our equipment across the humped back bridge on trolleys and back again in the early hours of the morning, trailing behind us the ghosts of Brian Jones, Keith Relf, Ken Colyer, Keith Moon and all the others that had moved on to the great gig in the sky we thought that enough was enough. Then Trevor Baylis, the man who invented the wind-up radio, phoned us up.

17 March 2018 | around_town

Easter workshops at Orleans House Gallery - 4 to 13 April 2018

Join us over the Easter Holidays for a range of exciting workshops! Looking at natural and man made World Wonders, we will create artwork using sculpture, textiles, painting and more!

13 March 2018 | around_town

Marble Hill Garden Quest - 30 and 31 March 2018

Image - marble-hill-house-easter Bring the whole family along for outdoor fun in a gorgeous historic Thameside location.

13 March 2018 | around_town

A great uncle returns - part 2

Image - GREAT_UNCLE2_Eric-as-Scout Through their Joint Casualty and Compassionate Centre the Ministry of Defence supports a continuing service recovering 'missing' British and Commonwealth service personnel killed in conflict from the 1st World War right up to the Korean War in the 1950's... and it is this small team of six dedicated people who are providing Uncle Eric with the formal military funeral that he never received in 1917.

11 March 2018 | around_town

Join the Mayor's egg hunt

Image - easter-eggs Be a part of our Eggs-ellent adventure Children and families are invited to be part of an eggs-ellent adventure and join the Mayor's Easter Egg Hunt in York House Gardens from 2pm to 3pm on Sunday 25th March.

11 March 2018 | around_town

Yogalates spring 2018 term

Image - yogalateslondon_spring-2018 Ready for real transformation before summer arrives? Feel tall, confident and toned in the sunshine with my award-winning blend of Hatha Yoga and Pilates, every Sunday evening in St Margarets.

11 March 2018 | around_town

Sponsor an Elm in Richomond Park - ONLY 5 LEFT!

Image - richmond-park-elm-tree The Friends of Richmond Park, and The Royal Parks, have launched an exciting project to plant over 40 disease-resistant elm trees in Richmond Park. Elm Walk will be a new avenue of trees along the path from Petersham Gate. The start of the Elm Walk will be marked with an elm tree presented by the Friends to Sir David Attenborough on his 90th birthday.

10 March 2018 | around_town

Deportees no longer

Image - DEPORTEES_DC3-and-deportees 70 years ago, on January 28th 1948, a poorly serviced Douglas DC3 passenger plane on its way to the Immigration and Naturalization Service Deportation Centre in El Centro, California, burst into flames over Los Gatos canyon in Fresno County and crashed, killing 28 Mexican migrant workers and the American crew of 4. Even though this was tragic event it might be assumed after such a long time that the crash and the loss of life would be forgotten but not so...

22 February 2018 | around_town

My Richmond at Castelnau Library

Image - My-Richmond-Poster My Richmond is a month-long course taking place on consecutive Saturday mornings from 24 February at Castelnau Library. Each week we will explore a different aspect of our local history, slowly building up, a model of our local area, as well as our knowledge of the rich heritage around us.

22 February 2018 | around_town

The Fourth Ward

Image - FOURTHWARD_St-Margarets-Station-1907 Some people, local estate agents mainly, insist on calling St Margarets 'the village' even though most of us know that our slice of paradise is really a 'dormitory' or 'a railway town' which didn't really come into existence until the railway station was opened on Monday 2nd October 1876. Before then it was about 2,000 acres of pasture, arable land, wood and common. We should be grateful that we live in 'St Margarets'. The local businessmen who helped pay for the new station wanted to call the neighbourhood 'Ailsa Bridge'. Phew!

17 February 2018 | around_town

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